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THE ENCLAVE: A Question for Feminists


Today was the first day I was back in England for nearly 2 months. I had a vest on, a t shirt over it, and then on top of that, a jacket.

After returning I went straight back out again. I was so hot I took the jacket and the t shirt off, meaning I was left wearing my black vest, jeans and army…

I’m not an expert of feminsm, but I will respond in the best way I can.

1. Feminist don’t deny that women can be slut shamers.

2. Feminists don’t deny that women can be sexist, bigots, hateful, racist, horrible people, etc.

3. The work of feminism is not to blame men.

The work of feminism is to end oppression - including patriarchy. Not all men are patriarchs. Some men are feminists, some men are gay, some men are homeless, some are transsexual. The phenomenon you describe - women “competing” and hating one another - is a form of oppression. Divide and conquer. Again, no one said women can’t be oppressors too. It’s called internalized misogyny which is a direct symptom of the patriarchy.

If a human behavior (in this case, women hating each other to compete for men) is evolutionary, it must be:

A.) universally demonstrated and experienced by women everywhere

B.) supported by a multitude of evidence in the scientific community

Your claim meets neither of those criteria. Please try again. Men are not from Venus and women are not from Mars. We are more alike than we are different. We are human beings.

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P.S.  I forgot to mention this part. When you say “(and often, dare I say, the most absolutely hideous looking)” it is pretty much a textbook example of internalized misogyny. Think about it. Honestly.

I hate that women promote sexism and misogyny, but we do. Sometimes we don’t even know it. I know I stare at hot girls, too. And don’t even get me started on stupid bitches who say they’d never vote for a woman for president or oppose free birth control.

Okay, not stupid bitches.

Silly, unfortunate ladies.

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